Friday, August 2, 2013

Today has been pawesome!! When I got up this morning and did my Dingo patrol duties, I saw the Red Dingo in the back pasture.  I alerted my mom by barking Dingo, Dingo, Dingo....which she didn't appreciate but she got up anyway.  She looked out Control Tower 1 (bedroom window) and she saw the Dingo.  I ran as fast as I could to Control Tower 2 (the top of the couch in the living room where I can see out the backdoor).  The Dingo was approaching fast and I became very vocal giving out the best barks and growls I had.  Mom didn't appreciate this either.  She told me to use my inside voice.  So all I could do was a low growl and fafa sound.  Mom went out the backdoor and told that Dingo to GET and he did.  Later on after it cooled off, mom and dad took me for a walk.  Mom attached my leash to my necklace (collar) instead of my walking pants (harness).  She forgets I'm stubborn when I walk in my necklace and I pull to go do my on thing.  She said next time she will put my pants on me so that I mind my manors.  But I had major things to check on and didn't want to be good.  I had Dingo's on the brain.  I sniffed around to see if the Dingo's had left any pee mail and canceled out what they or some coyotes had left.  Yes, it was a good day.

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  1. Wow! That is a great day! You sure showed that Dingo!

    (I think you need to have a good talk to your peep about towing the line...)