Sunday, August 4, 2013

This is my mom's cat Shit and she a bob tail cat with attitude.  She is not allowed at Control Tower 2 and I was trying to make her understand.  I told her this was where I watched for the Dingo's and this is where I like to lay so I can see outside.  This did not seem to make any matter to her.  She said she could sit here if she wanted to.  Why won't she just LEAVE!.....Gosh.


  1. Hi Sully, see you came by, we been on vacation, sorry we missed you. Always enjoy having another Scottie to join in the fun with. We have join you so we can follow your adventures, Oh My Doggie, so you gots a CAT, hows that going!

    We we be getting back to you, but we need a day or two to recovery. will get with you later this week, then we will get the word out to Blogville about you so you can have lots of Fur plas and join in on all the fun!

    The Mad Scots

    1. I get along with her's the cat that has issues. Why is it you always need a vacation from your vacation....take your time and recup. I noticed y'all are Okies. My mom is an Okie too she moved across the river after she graduated college.....small world.
      Aroo to you.

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