Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Nothing Much

Not much going on around here.  Mom has been working a lot and slacking on her blogging duties.  We did have some chickens to show up at our house.
Mom was disappointed in us because we didn't give them a good chase.  I'd never seen a chicken before and wasn't sure what to do.  We did follow them as they ran back across the fence.  I was more interested in smelling the ground to see if they left anything behind.  Judd has been digging holes in the yard.
Dad is not pleased with all the little holes Judd has dug around the house and has given up on trying to fill them in.  The one thing I do have to brag on is my sister ran her first half marathon and we are all real proud of her.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mom is home!  She's been in Houston for training and missed her so much. We had some jealousy issues when she got home and we fought over who she loves more.
As you can see I won and of course mom loves me more, I'm smarter and better looking.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Mom has had IT! Judd's boundary training begun today. She said a lot of HBO words today after Judd looked at her and peed on the bed. She went off on him so bad I thought I was in trouble too. She told him she was going to beat the ever lovin' piss out of him and I'm pretty sure she did. She went off like a banshee telling dad it's time to train him where the underground fence is and she hopes it shocks the shit out of him because it will make her feel better. I've never seen her this mad before and I've been walking very lightly around her and Dad said to stay out of her way cause she's crazy right now.  She went on a rant stating she doesn't know if it's because his balls have dropped that's making him act like a punk ass and she'd have them in a jar before he knows what happens if he doesn't start minding. Holy cat poop in a jar, really!?!  I told Judd to stay away from me he is on his own because I don't won't no part of mom or his underground fence. Judd asked me if I thought he took it too far peeing on the bed. I said you think!  Gezz, what an idiot.