Monday, May 16, 2016

We went to my Grandpeep’s cabin this weekend; my sister brought a car humidifier and put lavender in it to see if it would help my car anxiety.
Mom was in hopes it would because she really wants to go to the BAR.  It helped some but not enough for a 14 hour road trip.  Doc doesn’t have car anxiety just look at him.
He is always happy to be going.  I may not like the ride but I do love the cabin there’s lots of stuff to sniff.
 Me and Rory waiting for someone to take us to the pond.
Granddad said there was a dead coon down by the pond so Doc and I had to stay on the leash.  Mom did let me get a sniff on him.
That old coon would have been great to roll in.  I can smell the aroma now.  Look at Rory fishing her little heart out; she has the patience of Job.
Staying on a leash made it tough to play with Tohbi.
She is really sweet and lots of fun.  Gypsy on the other paw is a real B word.
She growls at me and tries to sneak up on me.  Last year she actual nipped me and I haven’t liked her since nor has mom.  Cause we don’t do ugly!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

We had a tornado hit 5 miles from our house last Tuesday.  Me and the peeps were in our storm cellar safe and sound.  You can see we got soaked running from house to the cellar.  
Here are some pictures of the tornados destruction.
The high school suffered some damage and the kids missed two days of school.  We want to brag on our youth instead of running up and down the streets for the two days they had off, they rolled up their sleeves and pitched in helping the families clean up the debris the tornado left behind.  It’s good to know we have good kids that care about their community.

Here is Judd enjoying the water the rain left behind.
What an idiot.