Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I decided to create a blog since my furcousin Doc started one.  Yes, I believe I can do anything he can but better...paws down. 

I am very independent and do not need a lot of attention however my mom (she's a human) is always trying to give me hugs and kisses (yuck).  I like doing my own thing on my own terms.  I only give out one kiss a day sometimes two if your lucky.  My favorite pass time is watching for the Dingo's.  Okay, they're not actual dingo's but rather a red heeler and a blue heeler.  They live across the back pasture and I don't like them coming into my pasture or my yard.  I'm not being racist my furbrother is a blue heeler and I love him.  He has taught me a lot of cool stuff like how to heel cattle but my mom doesn't let me.  She says that's not my job!!  I also get in trouble for barking too loud in the house at the Dingo's.  Mom tells me to use my inside voice.  If I use my inside voice, she won't be able to understand the seriousness of the Dingo's invading the pasture eating all my cow patties.  I know some of you city-dogs probably think that's gross but hey don't knock it until you try it....Aarrooo.