Monday, April 20, 2015

Susie and Sidebite Stay in Blogville

I am banning with Oreo in efforts to keep Susie and Sidebite from leaving Blogville.  I don’t know what really took place but they have decided to leave.  The human’s world is fully of ugliness and Blogville is a place to escape all that nastiness.  Blogville is a place that is full of funny dog shenanigans, love, and support.  It saddens me that ugly has cropped up and we are losing dear friends because of this.  I hope that they will consider there are far more pups that wish they would stay and not let one or two keep them from staying.  Susie and Sidebite’s were one of my first friends and they introduced me to Blogville and for that I am very grateful.  I enjoy reading their blog and their comments they leave me.  I am asking Blogville to band together and let’s bolt the gates shut and not let Susie and Sidebite leave.  And if that doesn’t work, blog how you wish that would stay and let’s show that here in Blogville we don’t do ugly.
Now I know I can be a little self-involved but hey, I’m a Scottie.  Anyways, I'm having my forth birthday this Friday and my birthday wish is that Susie and Sidebite will stay in Blogville.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mom took this last weekend and thought she'd share it.  We look like we're the best of buds, that's not always the case cause she gets on my nerves.  She is always wanting to touch me!  Mom says I have to be nice so I let her share her snacks with me.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Green Green Grass

It’s not actually grass, it’s oats but isn’t it pretty.
The farmers plant oats this time of year and we have seas of green everywhere.  I like to run in it and sniff around.  Can you spot me in the grass?
After a good romp, I like to check out where the rabbits like to hide.
I've seen them run under Dad's brush hog and I'm convinced they are still there.