Thursday, August 15, 2013

Arroooo there mates.  I'm feeling pretty pawesome about getting to know all in blogville.  There's lots of things I'm trying to learn or even understand such as, the different ways of posting on post, why you need to open an account to join others, and if you post on my post and I reply on my post do you doggies know I replied to your post on my post....see what I'm dealing with :) 

FYI- I got into a little trouble today.  Mom said I got way out of control, overly worked up over the Dingos.  I might have been a little aggressive and ignored her commands but she didn't have to holler at me and hurt my feelings.  I just wanted the Dingos to hear me and know I SEE them and get off my property.   Mom made it pretty clear she had heard enough so I went to my room glared out the window and pouted for a little while but I'm better now.  Catch you animals later.


  1. Hi Sully! It sounds like you were just sounding the "alarm" on the Dingos so I don't see why your mom would get upset. Sometimes the moms don't understand our fierce terrier attitudes. BOL

    Let's see about your questions...if I comment on your blog and you reply on your blog, I will not see your reply unless I come back to check or if I have subscribed to your comment feed. I see you do not have the gadget added onto your sidebar yet, but it may be good to add it - it is the "Subscription Links" gadget and you can add it while you are in your layout.

    You can also add the "Follow by Email" gadget onto your sidebar, so readers can subscribe to your blogs RSS feed. Then every time you publish a post, they will receive an email letting them know!

    If you need help adding those gadgets, you stop by my blog and let me know! I have a contact page on my blog with my email if you want to contact me that way.

    You are doing great so far! Keep it up!!
    Your pal,

  2. Hey Sully!!! I don't see the were just making sure that those big old Dingos knew exactly who you were! Silly pawrents, they think they know it all! ;-)

    I see that Oz has answered your question awesomely!! There's so much to learn and know when starting out, but luckily Blogger is one of the friendlier and more intuitive sites!! Happy Friday! :-D

  3. Arooooo there Sully!! Susie & Sidebites sent us over - welcome to Blogville!! We're thrilled to meet you, we are Sammy & Wally and we're from South Africa.

    We can't wait to learn more about you!

  4. We're not very technical terriers, so we don't know all the ins and outs of blogging. Mostly, bloggers just comment and don't come back for answers. You can comment on their posts if you want to.

    As to the Dingos...they NEED to be told off LOUDLY! You were wronged!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5.!forum/blogger That is the link to the official can ask for help and or advice or simply Google for Youtube tutorials on what you want to do. We all started at the beginning and needed help. LOL those pesky Dingos. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Sully we don't have dingo's here in lower ioway but we do have peoples that walk in front of our house, and we have to sit them straight about that AND our mom doesn't appreciate it one bit!!
    I am glad everyone is helping you with your questions cos our mom isn't real good in that department...she learned alot by trial and error...mostly error if you know what i mean. We sure think you is a cute cute little guy!
    stella rose

  7. Sully we do not have dingo's here but we have plenty of rabbits. They come right up to the back door and look at us. Makes me and my brother very up set. We let them know to go away and leave our yard.

  8. I can't believe your momma would yell at you for something like that!! Momma used to do that on our walks whenever we'd try to politely say hello to the doggies we'd pass by. She got really uptight about it. Sheesh.

  9. You're protecting your yard, Sully. We think your mom needs to be thanking you!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  10. you were just doing your job, sully. humans can be so strange sometimes!

    edgar and his mum

  11. Sully, you got to remember your a Scottie, as such we are very protective and own everything you can see, it may be out in the field, but its still yours, so bark away!

    See you got this blogging down and others are always here to help!

    The Mad Scots

  12. See Oz is the bestest!! Ditto on his suggestions!

    Okays, I don't thinks you did anythings wrong Sully!! I tell off the tree rats like that ALL THE TIMES! Now, we don't have dingos butts we gots all kinds of critters that need to be puts in they're place, and I know just how to do it!!!
    Now, abouts ignorin' your Moms....well, 'I' do it all the times, and Ma doesn't like it either, butts ya know what...that's how I roll!! BOL
    I gets my 'time outs' too. Then I looks up at her with 'big puppy eyes' and she forgives me! Give it a try...the peeps can't resist!! heheehe
    Ruby ♥

  13. We too would have told those Dingbats, oh sorry, Dingo's to get off our land too. I bet that they heard you loud and clear. Sorry you got yelled at. Mom probably told you it was for your own good (they always say that!)

    We think you're doing GREAT with your Blog. We too are glad that Oz was able to answer your questions.

    Hope you're having a good weekend.

    Lily Belle & Muffin