Monday, November 25, 2013

Busy Day

I had to go to the fur stealers today and get all fixed up for Thanksgiving.  We will be going to the cabin to spend Thanksgiving with my grandpeeps.  Check out my new hairdo.


Then I went to the vet because my eye had green goo in it.  My mom didn't know if it was my allergies or if I had a cold plus I some itchies on my back.  Turns out it's my allergies and that's why my back has itchies.  Dr. David gave us some meds that should help.  I got to wear my hunter orange coat and I think I look pretty cool in it.  Mom says I look handsome.

Now for the best part, Doc came over and he is spending the night.  He's peeps are moving into his new house this week so he staying here until they get moved in.  We have been having a terrierfic time together.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Look what mom got me from the feed store today.  Usually she brings me home a pigs ear but today I got a pigs snout.  It was delicious.....nom nom nom.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Let The Winter Games Begin.

Nope, I’m not talking about the Olympics I'm talking about my indoor activity for the winter.
Mom doesn’t like to take me walking when it’s cold so she had to find an indoor exercise to help keep me physically fit.
Yes, it’s a fishing pole, originally a cat toy but Shit can’t play with it anymore.  Why you ask, cause I won’t let her!  It used to have a mouse tied to it but I deaded it.  Mom now ties whatever is handy because I will dead it too when I catch it.  Mom says I act like a crack fein when she brings it out.  My eyes get big and I start going in circles, jumping up and down.  She has to hide it in the closet or I will cry and bark at her to play with me.  Sometime I just lay by the closet until she gets it out.  Does this face look like a crack fein…I think not.

Mom tried to get action shots but her camera is not as fast as my ninja quick reflexes.
Puppers this is the bestest game EVER!!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

One more thing

Oops I forgot to add, Doc and his peeps aren't moving further away....wait for it.... they are moving closer to us.  Yay for me and Doc!

There's new Jr. Police Officer in Blogville.

Woohoo I am Blogville's new junior police officer.  I thinks I will have to go to the police academy to get my official training and do some ride a longs with Officer Bites.  Ya know learn the tricks of the trade.   I hope he lets me run the siren if not I will hang my head out the window and go ArooRooo ArooRooo.  I already have a command center in my house.  As the guard dog of the house, I have Control Towers 1 & 2 set up for Dingo watching.  I guess now I will have to expand it to Blogville.  So if you have any Dingoes or squirrels that need deaded just let me know and I will get them deaded for you.  You can pay me in treats.  Jr. Officer Sully ready for dooty. BOL 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Silent Sunday My Furry Butt

Nope, it was silent at my house today.  The temperature got up in the  80's today and Doc came over.  Doc's peeps are trying to get things ready to move into their new home.  The week of Thanksgiving they will be moving so they are doing a lot of packing.  His mom didn't want him in the way so she brought him to my house.
We begged to go outside for a walk.  We like to sniff around the bails of hay for peemail and add some peemail too.  We had a great time being outside and enjoyed our walk.

After our walk, Doc was really tired and hot.  He wanted to go back in the house where it was cool.


We took a brief nap to re-energize and then we were off.  We ran through the house playing bitie face and jumping on furniture.  Mom tried to get pictures of us but they all came out blurry.  Yep puppers I had a good not so silent Sunday.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Random Rants

First of all this is normally how I hang out at the house either at Control Tower 2 or sitting above dad.

But everyone has something they are scared of and I'm not afraid to say I am afraid of flies.  I hate how they fly around my ears.  I hate how annoying they are with all their zooming and buzzing.  I'm not to proud to say that I need to be protected from them.  Now as y'all know I am not in no way or no how a lap dog except when it comes to thunder storms or flies.  Tonight I need my dad to protect me because there is a fly in the house and he can out smart the most experienced fly swatter.  So until she can kill the fly here I sit.
Now on to my next rant.  This morning I alerted the peeps Dingoes Dingoes.  In to which she replied, you know that they have gone to their mom's house for the week.  I responded Dingoes Dingoes.  She stated stop that barking because there are no dingoes.  This time I told her, then what the hell is that on our front porch.  She said holly crap it's a white lab dingo and where did he come from.  I said that's what I've been trying to tell you MOM!  She finished getting dressed but by the time she came back the white dingo was gone.   All I'm saying is from now on she needs to heed my alerts.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Mom had the day off for Veterans Day so we hung out.  She took lots of pictures of our day.

We went to the store and in the vehicle next to us was red wiener dog can you see him.  I tried to strike up a conversation but he must not be allowed to talk to strangers.

The weather was nice today and took several walkies.
Mom made chicken and dumplings tonight and I got to eat the chicken skins.  My belly was full of the tasty chicken and I needed to take a nap.  I hope everyone had a great Monday and thanks to all the people past and present who serve and protect.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

It finally stopped raining and I got to go outside without a leash.  Oh and I know some of you puppers are j-e-a-l-o-u-s of that.  It was great I got some quality zoomies in, a little digging time in, plus some peemail sniffing and replies.  See me perched on my rock it's a prime lookout for Dingoes.  On my rock I can see as far as the eye can see.  However, I was a little disappointed not one Dingo in sight to bark at but I didn't let spoil my good time.  The forecast is sunny for the next couple of days and that makes for one happy scottie dog.

Monday, November 4, 2013

It's Monday and if that's not bad enough it's raining to boot.  All this rain is really putting a damper on my outside time.   Mom gave me a bath yesterday and said there was no way I was going out to play or go for a walk.  She will only let me go outside to pee and poop and then she wipes my paws off.  I don't even get to go out and check to see if the Dingoes left any peemail.  Boy the rain and mom are really getting on my nerves.