Monday, May 16, 2016

We went to my Grandpeep’s cabin this weekend; my sister brought a car humidifier and put lavender in it to see if it would help my car anxiety.
Mom was in hopes it would because she really wants to go to the BAR.  It helped some but not enough for a 14 hour road trip.  Doc doesn’t have car anxiety just look at him.
He is always happy to be going.  I may not like the ride but I do love the cabin there’s lots of stuff to sniff.
 Me and Rory waiting for someone to take us to the pond.
Granddad said there was a dead coon down by the pond so Doc and I had to stay on the leash.  Mom did let me get a sniff on him.
That old coon would have been great to roll in.  I can smell the aroma now.  Look at Rory fishing her little heart out; she has the patience of Job.
Staying on a leash made it tough to play with Tohbi.
She is really sweet and lots of fun.  Gypsy on the other paw is a real B word.
She growls at me and tries to sneak up on me.  Last year she actual nipped me and I haven’t liked her since nor has mom.  Cause we don’t do ugly!


  1. Did you check with the Vet about anything to help? We sure wish we could see you!!! Love the fishin picture. stellie rose

  2. Hey Sully!
    Wow, my peeps would love to meet you at B.A.R., so I hope you can work that out! Cars can be pretty scary fur sure. That looks like a great place to visit and I bet that dead critter smelled amazing. BOL.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  3. You get lavender to smell instead of dead coon? No wonder you have a car problem.

  4. We are Sorry that the car thingy didn't Help... We would LOVE to have you come to BAR, Sully.
    WHATTTttttttttttttttttttttttt?????? Why on Earth would your peeps NOT allow you to Have your Way with that deaded thingy? WE think THAT Scent would have CURED your Car issues... THAT was another example of PEEPS wasting their Green Papers... when you COULD have had that Wonderful AROMA THERAPY fur FREE. SHEESH.

  5. Hari OM
    OMD it would be just the bestest thing if your peeps could find something to help ya in the car Sully... We'd all love to see you at the BAR!!! Lavender is certainly a sedative and calming, but if there is anxiety which is causing agitation, restlessness and such like, it may be a more targeted aroma would be useful; Frankincense, Neroli and/or Vetiver are all great and can be blended with the lavender or used singly. It is important to remember that your own shnozzle, Sully, is very much more responsive than your peeps, so best to advise them to maybe try just putting two drops on your collar and rub it in well; doing this at least half an hour before the actual trip is probably more beneficial. Of course the V-E-T could come up with something temporary to help, but aroma's gotta be better than P-I-L-L-S, what?!! (Don't think eau-de-mortcoon will quite do the trick, sadly...)

    Sending you lots of travelling vibes from the OoWaC, hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. I love to go for rides in da car (except wiff da fur stealer).
    I've never seen me a coon. Are dey anything like a bunny? I am a mad bunny chaser.
    Hey..... you're a scottie and da Deputy Top Cop.... you can surely take Gypsy. No fears!

  7. I'm sorry you get nervous in the car. I used to have that issue, too, but it went away on its own, luckily. Hope your anxiety disappears, too.

  8. Dead coon - now dat sounds like an interesting smell!

  9. We hope you get used to traveling in the car. Maybe if you were riding in a kennel? We wouldn't like any dog nipping us either! Hope to see yous at BAR!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. Well, the end was worth it. We hope you can learn to like the car, we KNOW that everyone would love to see you at BAR.

  11. Bummer the lavender didn't work for you, Sully! OMD, I would have loved to roll around on that stinky coon too!

  12. The lavender is a really good idea. I just think it would have taken a truck full of lavender for a 14 hour trip

  13. We really hope you can find something to help with your car anxiety. A drug use to help Phod but he seems to not need it now. We will see how he does going to BAR!

  14. Oh noes, sorry abouts your car anxiety dude. I hopes your Moms can find something to helps, I hopes you gets to go to the BAR!!! There are all kinds of natural supplements out there for 'calming' doggies, butts none of them work for me, I hopes your Moms can find one that works for you!
    Nows....BUMMER!!! NO ROLLING IN THE DEAD RACCOON??!! oh man! That would have been a FABulous smell to take back to the cabin! hehehehe Peeps just don't gets it, do they?
    Rory is just ADORABLES!!!!
    Ruby ♥

  15. Sorry about your fear of road trips :(
    We would love to ride in the car with you and show you how fun it is....and maybe we could drive to see the raccoon. That looks like a "terrier" good time fur every doggy!!
    ♥Wyatt and Tegan

  16. Crikey Sully ..... I hate car rides too but Mum and Dad travel a LOT so I just had to cope. I didn't until they put my crate in the car. Now I'm ok. I still don't like it but I don't get stressed like I used to. They covered my crate at first so it was nice and dark but now they can leave it uncovered and I'm still ok. Might be worth a try. Shame you couldn't roll in that deaded coon, aye??

  17. It looks like your car ride was worth it Sully...that dead 'coon must have smelled lovely!! We can't promise dead coons...but we know the BAR is going to be REAL fun..maybe you could give it a try?? We would LOVE to meet you!!
    Dory & Arty

  18. What a great trip. Mom uses T Away by Young Living Essential Oils for us. It is designed for pet anxiety. She also uses some anxiety stuff she got in New Mexico. It comes in a dropper. It's made from flowerers. It is very calming. She used it and it worked on her too. It's some kind of tea too she said.

  19. looks fun!! I don't mind car rides, but I don't get all excited about them either. Did Judd get to go with on your trip?

    Edgar and his mum

  20. looks fun!! I don't mind car rides, but I don't get all excited about them either. Did Judd get to go with on your trip?

    Edgar and his mum

  21. Wow, what a great day out!
    Imagine just how EXCITING the B.A.R. is gonna be Sully, finks of that instead of the car ride, you'll be meeting all you wonderful Blogsville furfriends!
    I of course will be green wiv the jellyness 'cos I'm not allowed to go *sigh*
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  22. Oh Sully had I known you were going you could have taken my reservation at Story Inn FREE. Lee cancelled it three weeks ago.
    Sweet William The Scot