Friday, January 9, 2015

Blogville Inauguration Day

Our Blogville Police is in full force.  Officer Sully here, I’m in charge of the field operations.  We are ready for the Inauguration activities; Officer Bites has stationed his table to one side of the platform with his walkie talkies ready for communication with his officers.

Not only am I in charge of field operations, Bites has me flying the Blogville helicopter.  I am flying over the parade route so I can be on the lookout for any trouble.  I can assure everyone if there are any signs of trouble I will immediately set this bird down on the ground and coordinate with Officer Bites the actions of the officers, plus join the ground troops to help wrap up any situation.
Check out Officer Abby on ground duty.

I see Junior Officer’s Riley and Whitley working with Abby.  They have positioned themselves in front of the platform scanning the crowd for any signs of trouble.  They’re on standby to back up the officers if their assistance is needed.
Commissioner Sarge has left the stage in front of Officer Gussie with the Blovgville truck lights and sirens going.
Officer Gussie is following in the convertible limo with all the dignitaries.
Wait a minute; I’ve just spotted a bunch of squirrels trying to disrupt the parade and proceedings!
Bites, Gussie, we have a situation developing on Blogville Way, Sarge and Gussie take a detour on 4th Street then go to Biscuit Ave and park.
Bites, have Abby and the Junior Officers get to 7th Street and Blogville Way, NOW!  We can gather them up in the street.  I’m landing close by now.
“Okay Sully, Abby did you copy that?”
“10-4 Bites, we’re on our way!”
 “Gussie, Bites here, have you cleared the problem yet… over.”
 “10-4 Bites, the plan worked perfectly, the crowd is unaware of the situation.  We will be parking in 10 minutes.”
 Bites do you copy?  I just wanted to let you know Abby and the Junior Officers have the squirrels in custody and are currently loading them into the transport vehicle.  We will be returning to our station in the park in about 8 minutes, Sully – out.
“Good job officers, I have been watching the crowd here and all is fine.  Upon arrival, I need y’all to get to your stations immediately so we don’t have any incidents with our high ranking dignitaries. Bites – out.”
 “Bites, this is Sarge….how is the crowd looking? 
 “I’m pulling in now, looking fine, Gussie is rolling in behind me…..Okay then, I will remain out in the crowd.”
 “No Sarge, you are to report to the stage for the ceremonies, Sully, Abby, Riley, and Whitley will handle the crowd surveillance.”
Okay, Abby, Riley and Whitley you heard Top Cop Bites, start surveillance of the crowd we don’t want any more problems. 
 And that’s how the Blogville Police Department, kept all the dignitaries and our fine citizens safe on Inauguration Day!



  1. Arooo, junior officer Whitley reportin for duty!

  2. Crikey ... the coordination!! What a great job you all did!!!!! Glad you got those squirrel blokes before they could upset things, aye??

  3. ha! that squirrels are history now, well done!
    Easy Rider

  4. Perhaps I'd better shelve my scheme to run off and play wiv the Keys to Blogsville 'cos you're doing such a great job on security (Mum wants to know if she can hire you to do some security at our house!)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. OMD! A squirrel gang almost ruined the ceremonies! Good job to all the Blogville police department! You all make us feel so safe and secure.

  6. Whew....that was a close one!!! Thanks for helping to keep everything safe Sully!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. Who is keeping you guys in line?

  8. Hey Officer Sully!
    Wow, excellent work today! Great job stopping the squirrel gang from ruining our big day. I'm so very proud of all of our department and the events are going along perfectly. Super work!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  9. Officer Sully, you did a pawsome job! You are a credit to the force!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  10. GRAT job Sully, outstanding, I knew you could handle a major operation like this!
    Top Cop Bites

  11. That was some fine flying and police work there. We are sure glad we had you as airborne backup!

    Abby the Lab

  12. Fangtastic job today Officer Sully! I had no idea how much hard work it is to be a Junior Officer. We sure showed those squirrels, huh? Found my cap…those rodents stashed it in the bushes!


  13. You could not have done a better job! I'm so glad you and the PD are here to keep us safe.

  14. Wow great job and crisis averted! I hope you all get to relax at Dory's PJ pawty. See you there.

    Loveys Sasha

  15. Uh ohs... how come da skwerrils Whitley rounded up ain't movin... 'cept dat one ovfur dere dat is missin' his tail??

    Seems like Whitley ain't lost any of her skwerril shakin' skills she honed at UCLA....bol....