Thursday, January 22, 2015

I know a secret

 Do you remember me telling you about Mutt and Jeff way back in August coming over and it turned out that Jeff was a GIRL.  Remember Jeff was all matted up with mud and stickers all over her and mom thought she was part Yorkie.  Anyways, we have a new neighbor across the pasture from us and the lady has an Australian Shepherd named Digger.  He came over one day and mom opened the back door and he came on in like he owned the place; he’s a real nice guy.  Again I digress, the other day when it was raining, the neighbor lady told dad she found a muddy little Yorkie and she washed and shaved her furs.  Dad told her where he thought the Yorkie lived.  Mom came home yesterday and saw the lady, Digger and the Yorkie playing out in their front yard.  Mom smiled because it was Jeff and she was all cleaned up looking real pretty and happy.  But mom has some guilt because she knows where Jeff’s home is.  Mom says Jeff’s owner’s drive by Jeff’s new place every day (maybe they don’t recognize her all clean).  Mom is torn, she knows now that Jeff is kept safe inside a fenced yard and her fur is not all matted but she thinks about what if I was at someone else’s house and she didn’t know where I was.  Mom says she would want to know where I was but then again mom would never let me out of her sight and she would knock on every door until she found me.  Do y’all have any advice for mom?

Monday, January 19, 2015

More Walkies

It made it up to 70 today and that meant I got to get out and go for a walk.  I also checked out the pee mail and left some.
And then it was time to head back to the house.
And watched the sun set.
It was another great day of sun and fun.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


It's been a pawesome weekend we have had warm weather and sunshine. I've been on 87 billion walkies and did a lot of stuff outside. I am one happy Scottie. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

I'm so depressed, it's cold and wet outside and it's been like this forever. I just want to go outside and play in the warm sun instead I'm stuck in the house. I haven't had a Dingo to bark I think it's because they're frozen. Mom won't take me on walkies instead we have to play inside games. I only go outside to take care of my business and if it's raining mom won't let me back in until I get off the porch and do what I gotta do. I know it's not nearly as cold as some of you puppers are dealing with but I'm over it already. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Blogville Inauguration Day

Our Blogville Police is in full force.  Officer Sully here, I’m in charge of the field operations.  We are ready for the Inauguration activities; Officer Bites has stationed his table to one side of the platform with his walkie talkies ready for communication with his officers.

Not only am I in charge of field operations, Bites has me flying the Blogville helicopter.  I am flying over the parade route so I can be on the lookout for any trouble.  I can assure everyone if there are any signs of trouble I will immediately set this bird down on the ground and coordinate with Officer Bites the actions of the officers, plus join the ground troops to help wrap up any situation.
Check out Officer Abby on ground duty.

I see Junior Officer’s Riley and Whitley working with Abby.  They have positioned themselves in front of the platform scanning the crowd for any signs of trouble.  They’re on standby to back up the officers if their assistance is needed.
Commissioner Sarge has left the stage in front of Officer Gussie with the Blovgville truck lights and sirens going.
Officer Gussie is following in the convertible limo with all the dignitaries.
Wait a minute; I’ve just spotted a bunch of squirrels trying to disrupt the parade and proceedings!
Bites, Gussie, we have a situation developing on Blogville Way, Sarge and Gussie take a detour on 4th Street then go to Biscuit Ave and park.
Bites, have Abby and the Junior Officers get to 7th Street and Blogville Way, NOW!  We can gather them up in the street.  I’m landing close by now.
“Okay Sully, Abby did you copy that?”
“10-4 Bites, we’re on our way!”
 “Gussie, Bites here, have you cleared the problem yet… over.”
 “10-4 Bites, the plan worked perfectly, the crowd is unaware of the situation.  We will be parking in 10 minutes.”
 Bites do you copy?  I just wanted to let you know Abby and the Junior Officers have the squirrels in custody and are currently loading them into the transport vehicle.  We will be returning to our station in the park in about 8 minutes, Sully – out.
“Good job officers, I have been watching the crowd here and all is fine.  Upon arrival, I need y’all to get to your stations immediately so we don’t have any incidents with our high ranking dignitaries. Bites – out.”
 “Bites, this is Sarge….how is the crowd looking? 
 “I’m pulling in now, looking fine, Gussie is rolling in behind me…..Okay then, I will remain out in the crowd.”
 “No Sarge, you are to report to the stage for the ceremonies, Sully, Abby, Riley, and Whitley will handle the crowd surveillance.”
Okay, Abby, Riley and Whitley you heard Top Cop Bites, start surveillance of the crowd we don’t want any more problems. 
 And that’s how the Blogville Police Department, kept all the dignitaries and our fine citizens safe on Inauguration Day!


Saturday, January 3, 2015

I've had a great day, the rain stopped and the sun came out and the peeps took me on a long walkie.  I went Dingo hunting but didn't find one of them.  I did find some of their pee mail and I left a lot of pee mail for them to read.  After a good walk, mom ruined it by giving me a bath.  I really don't care for baths but I really like how I feel afterwards.  I ran through the house, rolled on the carpet, jumped on and off the furniture, and mom chased me with the towel.  Then we played a game of tug a war with my favorite stuffie.  Yep it was a fine day.