Monday, June 29, 2015

You can if you want to forgive my assistant for our lack of blogging but I don’t know if I will ever forgive her.  Do you know why she has been so darn busy, oh I’ll tell ya why!  Because of this little Dingo, his name is Judd.
OMD he is taking up all her time.  He is so demanding and demands her attention 24-7.  He is also very jealous and nipped at me when mom tried to love on me.  Don’t worry, I showed him that I am the alpha dog around here and of course, he went crying to mom and showed her where I bit him in the face.   Mom said his previous owners didn’t take very good care of him.  They told her he had his first shots and he was an inside dog who slept in the bed with them.  Mom said if Judd stayed in the house she guesses they didn’t mind him pooping and peeing in their home because he isn’t potty trained.  Mom said he is undernourished and she wonders if he really got his first shots.  Mom has made him an appointment with our vet for this week and she hopes he gets a clean bill of health.  Not that I care but keep your paws crossed that he doesn’t have any health problems cause I don’t want to see my mom upset.  I will keep y’all posted and hopefully we will be back to blogging about me soon.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I went to the fur stealer this weekend. 
And for my cologne she sprayed me with Polo Black for the K-9 in your life. Look out ladies. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The farmers around us have begun to harvest their wheat during harvest time all the little critters are on the move trying to find new homes.  Well there’s no room at our quant little abode or anywhere on our property.  I saw what at first glance looked like a kitten running across our lawn but it turned out to be a field RAT.  I saw it run toward Dad’s tractor so I took off after it lightning fast alerting dad, Rat, Rat, Rat.  He came over and we started looking for the intruder.
Dad said I was in the way but I don’t think I was, I mean if it wasn’t for my terrier instincts he would not have even known there was a rat.  Dad and I looked high....
....and low.
I was like a wild man going crazy trying to help dad find him.   Finally we found him wedged between the motor and radiator, dad grabbed mom’s mop and tried poking the rat with the handle but he wouldn’t budge.  Dad decided he’d get his pellet gun and shoot him.  Dad killed the rat and after he retrieved it from the motor he let me sniff him but wouldn’t let me have him.  I was all smiles and proud of myself for a job well done.
And here’s one more photo of my bum, just for the ladies.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Worthless Wednesday

Why you ask?! Because it's sunny today  and mom is at work and I'm stuck in the house. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My mom has been kinda sad, for the last couple of weeks she has worried about one of her favorite cows.  Frosty a Red Angus was born 12 years ago on a winter night and got frost bite on the tips of her ears hence the name Frosty.  Frosty about a month ago injured her leg making it difficult for her to get around and about two weeks ago she wouldn't get up.  Dad would take her food, water and gave her a shot but nothing seemed to help her.  Mom worried about her because she laid out in the rain and not up under the barn.  Mom was afraid she would get struck by lightening.  Anyway last week, she began to breathe heavily and while mom was at work Dad had the Vet to come out and put her down.

Frosty was my sister's first show animal when she was in FFA.  My sister loved her very much and spent a lot of time preparing her for shows.

They traveled to local shows, and to the big shows like Ft. Worth, San Antonio, and Houston always winning in the top 5 and once a Grand Reserve.  Even after my sister got married, she’d go out in the pasture and visit with Frosty.  Sometimes she’d take her a honey and sugar sandwich, Frosty’s favorite.  Frosty was a gentle soul, she would lay her head on mom's shoulder while mom scratched up and down her the sides of her neck.  We had a barn cat that took to Frosty he would follow her around and get up under her legs and Frosty never stepped on him.  He would flop over in front of Frosty and let her lick him.  Mom says it's silly what you can love but Mom, Dad, and my sister did love Frosty and she loved them right back.