Monday, August 25, 2014

We had a couple of dog strangers to stop by the house the other day.  Mom wanted to see if they would come back by to get their photo before blogging about them but no such luck.  Mom gave them the names Mutt and Jeff.  Mutt was a great big hairy dog and Jeff was part Yorkie.  Mutt walked in a slow dopey kind of a way and Jeff walked with a quick stride and with excitement.  Mom said they belong to neighbors about a mile east of us butts they looked as if they had come a hundred miles.  They both had mud and stick tights in their fur and Jeff had a mustache full of mud.  Mom called them over; Mutt moseyed over but kept his distance.  Jeff came running and tail wagging.  I was wagging my tail with my ears pointed up and my chest sticking out.  We made our introductions and then my tail really started wagging; Jeff’s a GIRL.  Oh my dogs, I was sniffing and parading so close to her that I had drools coming out of my mouth.  I have never met a girl before and I was asking her if Mutt was her boyfriend and if not could I see her sometimes without Mutt being around.  Mom said slow down Romeo you’re getting ahead of yourself.  I said who is this Romeo you speak of, I’m Sully.  I asked mom if Jeff could spend the night with me.  She said no, that Jeff and Mutt needed to head back to their house before I get any other crazy ideas.  So now I wait for Jeff’s return….sigh.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Hey puppers, just to let you know my secretary has been worthless lately, she claims she has been busy with work and her allergies have been kicking her in the rear-end.  I really think it's just an excuse for not blogging and making our rounds to everyone's bloggies.  She says things are beginning to look up at work.  She says harvest time is almost finished around our house and the dust should be settling letting her allergies clear up.  I hope so, because I feel that I'm out of touch with everyone.  Enough about mom's issues and on to me, so what do y'all think do I look regal or what?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Feet

These are hard working feet but mostly they are sweet feet.